Margaret Walther

Your Mission, Maggie, Should You Accept It, Is the Thirteenth Letter of the Alphabet

an omen or a thousand omen

crumbs in the woods no one remembers, the hum in a dream

magpies, mariachi band in drag, rattle pine tree gloom

the widow commits a minnow of mourning crime

diamonds are a girl’s best mend

the muse, a maniac with rhyme and a metronome

Micky and Minnie eating M&M’s

a megalith, a monolith, a menhir, the little lullaby at the end of home

a man with one says I must put in a mustache

rum, each drop, melodious morphine to a skid row bum

trombone, trumpet, tam-tam, a vibration smash

mountain peaks, turned upside down, you’re reflected in lake’s womb

the thirteenth line, mission accomplished, om

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