Stephen Roxborough

the molehill suite

1.  a big job

he must have looked at the mountain
thousands of times yet it never
and this disturbed him
because he knew change
was eternal
but from his perspective he couldn't fathom
how he could imagine
he wouldn't be able to see
the change
until it was too late
or he climbed the mountain
and it would change him

2.  perspective

from afar he said
the mountain is very beautiful
perfect in its own
well documented way

but up close up real
not so beautiful
mostly rocks
slippery edges of shake
that move
underneath you

very hard to walk on
difficult to see
feet slipping on top of a mountain
from the sea town
where i live

3.  invasion of the moles

when the mountains arrived
they tried to tell us
how big the gods are
how small we must be
but for the most part
we didn't listen
we wanted to conquer
the mountain gods
wound mystery
try to place us above
nature or feed ourselves
that illusion

4. the death zone

above the death zone
the mountain will eat you

above the death zone
life is suspended
time stops
logic impaired
weather kills
sun blinds
cold burns
toes and nose turn black
fall off
as gravity asks you
to fall

angels call
yet wings do not work
words are useless
you cannot remember your prayers
when you need them most
time kills
air is lonely
your money will not save you
strange voices whisper your name
all names are the same
time slows
time accelerates
radiation cooks your brain

hearts must rise
to the occasion

5.  the peak

you can see forever
you can live forever
forever is such a short time
time is compressed
no pressure to return
the world is at your feet
there is nothing to buy
perspective is lost
there is no sex
no drink no drugs
life is a dream
is further

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