Kevin O'Cuinn

Post finger-quotes 

After Dave’s Top Ten Most Annoying Things That 
People Do With Their Fingers, you got a semi-colon 
tattooed on one palm and an umlaut on the other (your 
sister asked if it was a dieresis; your lover
where the third dot was).

Cheek-puffing was my thing

The commute was shuffling madness –
head-shaking, eye-rolling & watch-checking;
some people did all three in sync (I tried
but couldn’t get it down).


The line for coffee resembled ∞.

I couldn’t but dwell,
and glory in the shuffle.

Wake-up call

With me in bed,
a mammoth and a fly
(one in ice, the other in amber).

I wonder when they
stopped being metaphors
and squeeze for space

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