Lynn Townsend


haunted by past
moments pile upon moments
old patterns embedded
deep in marrow and sinew
body reacts even before
thoughts contradict
wanting to express differently
long past messages
I no longer want to believe
new experiences
bring new information
yet that triggered story
still exists
still rages through my blood
gut churning
heart in turmoil
fear sneaks in the melee
am I mucking up
one of the best things
that has ever happened to me
love so deep and real
honest and passionate
desire of delving deeper in
seen for who I am
sharing vulnerable belly flesh
as I trudge through
my fragile emotions
willing to risk
yet again
to speak my truth
feel the darkness
exposing my chinks
then seeing in your eyes
the love
tears of wonder
cascade down
soothing my wobbly soul


Draigg said...

Beautiful, Lynn!

Theresa Fine said...

Wow Lynn. Incredible soul revealing this wonderous journey.