Carrie Lorig & Russ Woods

How to Fix a Root Broken for

how to fix a root broken for
ninety a hundred days when
you’re clutching us you’re hold-
ing us on. come here root root
here root root root we little are
blue hearts are we are a crime
wave on you you see it. when i
come to you as a root love in lugg-
age crown me over like show me
your very best milk, spider-lover.
me and the roots are hair-touching you
and you grow root-houses up from
our ugly see it. shortly keep it and wear
its grease out to the working distant
play of what you would probably say
were hot deals growing but i would say
they were just graves. forts of swords
are old brushes with us not just the
fingernail dirts seasicked into the
cough dropping water where the dunk
folded necks of our neon go chased
together. that storing will knock the
rumbling as if it never said any
of us. don’t don’t don’t you re-
peal me. my warm arms are joining in
a loop for you.

Richard Carr


Though my thistly lisp
says it otherwise

and my prickly lips glisten

it is the airplane that is drunk Miss
not I

but we parley uselessly
with the spinning world

John Ryan

The hour of the slowest clock

I call awake night/
      against the mourning woke
the crescent ebbing/
        the bell cup steeple white
against  barren branches/
                 lambent lunula
sonorous lacuna/
     prizing sight from light