John Fitzpatrick

Fourth from End -- ZYXW

that which hold door
open even when no reply, wedge

water wheel turns and turns
for energy antagonisms generated, guilt

dirtied excesses of the heart
called wanton use of self

whack of thin hammer on ice
distributes unevenly broken fingers

language of Nootka, Wakashan, one of many
tribes to communicate sounds of understanding

aroma caused potion to turn into bitterness
something words do every day, wormwood

another name for closure, womb, which in time
causes need to break out with cry of freedom

wadi, a desert in puddle of water galoshes
splash yellow with green slicker reflection

misalignment of scale between us, whiplash
the strain of delirious vibrations to the nerves

wicker used to hold heart and song
the one carried well, the other

weaseled out of trap taking love
and leaving only frame to try again

twisted wood wrung into beautiful spindle
ventures writhing through wonderland

the whoosh of wind created flurries of stars
vibrating chords and dazzling poets

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