Jeff Crouch & Nicolette Westfall


angry march
say it, peace
give it to me

from you?


bring it here
let it go
white knuckled
to the floor

gasping in
out crawl

angry patrol
say it, peace
give it to me!

peace, crawl!


jagged nail
sandal strap
unheard of
feet keep
keep keep


lump atop the ancient
moans a lump for not

neither concrete
nor cement
her milk is heavy

but milk spills
drip, drop
like a fleshy faucet

the soft


the soft

forms form
a lump a lump
a lump

lumps cool and fresh and hot

the doe the buck the bread
a lump filled lymph
streaming lump of snot

for landfill lumps
and glands and
lumps clogged up

indentured lumps
and a dirty water colored lump
and lumps
by the serving cup

while the cleaner lump and detergent lump
release and sink
with the tug of a heavy lump
and a slurp

forefather as much an ancient lump
in with lumped together lump

take or steal or take the hump

while there are
lumps like earth
and tits go limp
when sucked lumps
sugar and skinny milk

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