Daniel Gallik

Two Reasonable Adults Discuss a Good Marriage

He was surprised she accepted his idea so readily.
He had a smile on his face when she entered the kitchen.
She asked him if he was feeling comfortable, maybe even hungry.
He did not understand what she meant by that.
She stated that sentence again and waited for a response.
She had been very, very polite lately, and this statement made her smile and smile; feel warm inside.
She had her head raised in an elite fashion, waiting.
He said that he was feeling rather good, that he actually felt good about himself and where he was heading.
She asked again if that meant he felt good about himself.
She said she was also interested in whether he was hungry.
He looked into her eyes and said, that yes, he was hungry.
She told him that supper was soon and that she had planned a rather formal evening of food.

He again peered into her eyes and said he had a hunger.

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