Laura Carter

Which First?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Two men walked into a bar. One was softly whispering.
The other was an egg.
To assume an initial connection is false,
the whisperer said to the egg. You need a new schematic.
You yourself are an arbiter of it,
the man softly said.
If you can find a train,
said the first, it’s best to take it off rails.

The first man took his axe to a story’s center.
The second man took his axe to a story’s edge.
What we need is a story that precludes fidelity.
They spoke in unison. A wheel turned softly on its spokes.
The egg built a fire from a pill.
The man took a pill.
You will be waiting for a story,
he said. It will come after.
Both inhabited the same country. A text was written.

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