John McKernan

I have Slept in Beds & in Gutters

On trains & cars & buses
In planes & cranes & bridges

On golf courses
Once in a sand trap
Twice on the ninth green

In front of a class
In the back of a class room & on many roofs
In libraries
In study halls

In caves & jails
In cars & bars & barns & parks
In chairs & on stairs & at parties & weddings
On rocks & docks & dorms & beaches
In my mother’s womb for nine months

Watching movies plays opera ballet tennis baseball golf chess
While driving walking talking
While riding a horse or a power mower
In lectures churches stadiums courts offices stores
On a bale of hay & in a pile of rags
At many rock concerts

And one night
In Omaha
After a bet
On blue silk cushions
On a white pillow
With the lid closed
In a bronze coffin     Drunk

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