Changming Yuan

More Monolines

1/ time is the most meticulous makeup master of all.
2/ there is no distinguishing between black and white, for the color of life is grey to begin with.
3/ we were made to cry into this world but we can choose to laugh out of it.
4/ life would be much less lenient if it gave us no sorrow or regret at all.
5/ ambition is cheap, while determination is costly.
6/ parting is painful; even more so is having no one to part from.
7/ truly wise people are those capable of making themselves happy about nothing.
8/ on the stage of life, we may not be able to choose the play, but we can choose the roles to play.
9/ the arrow will either hit the target head-on, or break its own head on a rock.
10/ only those with fewer desires can enjoy more freedom.
11/ better to make my life a stuffed eagle than to make it a living pig.
12/ only when you are awake can you find the way you have lost in your dream.
13/ besides winds, fish can also create bubbles on the calm surface of the water.
14/ as you pay attention to their successes, they are examining your failures.
15/ look at others with a telescope, but look at yourself with an amplifying glass.
16/ all is becoming bygones.
17/ in a world of consumerism, we pay for the comfort of our bodies with our souls by installments.
18/ those who succeed in doing everything can seldom become really successful with anything,
19/ every road leads to success.
20/ while others may prefer to live to die, I would rather die to live.

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