Vanessa Gebbie

Found poem, sources greater than I

I begin to hear voices.
No More Games.

No More Bombs.
No More Walking.
No More Fun.

No More Swimming.
I am leaving you because
I am bored. Don't worry.

Let's see if this will
do it - I'll be at your altar,
where the heart must either
break or turn to lead.

I am always bitchy.
No fun for anybody.
All fled--all done,
so lift me on the pyre;
my work is done,
the feast is over, and the lamps
expire. I'll be at peace, I must
have peace,

I am leaving you with your worries
in this sweet cesspool.
I shall be more silent and cold hearted
than you are now.

I'll be at your altar.

Virginia Woolf, Hunter S. Thompson, Geroge Sanders, Terry Kath, Jon Erik Hexum, Kurt Cobain, Nicolas Sebastien Chamfort, Robert E Howard, George Eastman, Freddie Prinz, James Whale, Sara Teasdale

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