Drew Kalbach

Things that Should Remain Shut

Our occipital neuralgia is under control. Cocaine was prescribed alongside larger
refrigerator space and misplaced inter-cranial massage chairs.
The wife's mouth was open and several thousand baby spiders waved tiny tentacles hello.
The brother's mouth was open and we shoved our tongues inside it.

The bacon seeds were buried in our yard. The bacon tree grew slowly.
Children came to climb the bacon tree but the gardener's mouth poured pesticides onto their clothes.

We were lost but our genitals were open and spilling peanut butter on the pavement.

Leftover Animals Swimming

Feet smash into the mailbox.
Lights stay on specific streets like carpet cleaners
standing naked in an unfurnished hallway.
There are several empty shopping carts and one says
"place your tongue-depressor sticks into our mouths
and swab our gentle cheeks."
The doctor was late giving birth. Without a shirt,
service will be quick and dirty.
The deodorant sticks are flies in your mouth.
Sometimes clothes don't last.
Tatters of jeans accumulate in an empty closet.
The lips were large and bristling
with pre-pubescent fur.
Take the moments to cover your crotch.
Crocodiles were left in the refrigerator
and they feel like morning sickness.

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