Michael Estabrook

Just a little

I’m not going to call
you today I’ll leave you alone,
leave you in peace for a change.
I called you 3 or 4 times yesterday.
“You can call me again later
if you’d like,” you were so kind to say,
so generous with your time. But,
I shouldn’t call you today I should
leave you alone. It’s good for you
to have some time without me,
some time alone with yourself
perhaps reading or walking the dog
or catching up with your friends.
Yes my love, you deserve
some precious time away from me.
You’re busy after all and can use a break
from being around me,
from having to pay attention to me,
from having the annoyance, the aggravation
(like swatting gnats from around your head)
of me following you around like the lost soul
that I am. No, I’m not going to call you today,
I’m trying not to anyway, trying to leave
you the hell alone. And maybe, hopefully,
when I return you might claim
to have missed me just a little.

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