Eldon (Craig) Reishus

The House Painter

As a baby Jimmy fell down the family clothes chute and landed in the laundry bag's faint fecal smells.

Twenty years later, hit over Nam, Jimmy parachuted to a mean rock on the Mekong. He returned a free man,

but that didn't last long, his cherished bride insisting on a new kitchen ventilator. Those rescues behind him,

bare-assed in his trailer home, Jimmy never had it so good. Lobster didn't do it for him, hell, boil him up a couple of eggs.

Then Jimmy's truck struck fire and he had to get hitched all over again. Found himself a sweet traveler though.

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Anonymous said...

Our motel WLAN is a wan connection, totally lame – and it was good to read this, but I had Googled 'COFFEE MOLD.' Because of the filter of our room's machine and the shaking in my hands? Does somebody get back to me?