Jackie Maugh Robinson

smokin' on the corner

haight - the far horizon blazed electric orange. thousands of iron butterflies slammed through the shadows. ragnar tossed on a cannabis mattress and hummed “in a gadda da vida” in his sleep. as the dusk thickened to oblivion, the far horizon smoldered.

ashbury - tune in, turn up the song. keep time on your air guitar you don’t need meaning. hitch a ride. the words don’t matter; hitch a ride. come on, get in. hitch a ride but leave your back pack in the road. you don't care if you have to dance alone you like inanity, feeling the insanity; you get off on profanity. you don’t let ‘em get close to who you are. if they start to creep inside your mind you’re outa there.

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Kimbi55 said...

I love this! I can just picture the park in all of its hippie glory of the 60's!